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If you're anything like me, you are deeply connected to your emotions and have a definite sense of how your emotions affect your daily life.  You may find it difficult to walk through the world feeling like everyone seems to 'get it' but you.

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  • You have found yourself in a place of discovering you have ADHD or you strongly suspect you have it. Either way, your life sometimes feels chaotic, ungrounded, disjointed and unstructured. Your emotions are often in the drivers seat and it’s hard to keep up with the emotional twists and turns, the ups and downs.

  • Your ADHD symptoms have you perplexed, wondering how you can find a way to live a more balanced, joyful, rich and meaningful life.​

  • You have often felt like something was deeply wrong with you; like you never fit in with the crowd. You often feel like the weirdo, the odd one out; like something was fundamentally wrong with you.

  • You fear rejection on a very deep level and have crafted a life where you avoid it at all costs.  Your life has maybe become smaller and you avoid social situations for fear of being rejected or criticized.

  • Your emotional outbursts have often elicited comments like, “You’re overreacting!” or “Calm down!” And you’ve perhaps found yourself confused as to why you are reacting so intensely to the smallest thing.

  • You’ve been labeled “too sensitive’ and have tried coming to terms with what that means in your life and how to deal with it.

  • You don't take yourself too seriously, but you also care deeply about the world and the people around you.

  • You appreciate humour and joy is something you strive to achieve in your life.

Feel like we might be a good fit?

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