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frequently asked



How much does coaching cost?

I have made the conscious decision to move my pricing structure to a sliding scale model. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


How do I prepare for my coaching sessions?

This is a great question! Your coaching session is intended to be a time focused on you. I ask that you to have an “agenda” in mind before each session. Something you want to work on or create change around. Then, plan to login or call me at our scheduled time, take a deep breath,
and we will get to work.


How can I make my payments?

Purchasing my services is similar to paying for a membership or retainer fee. I ask that you submit your payment in advance of our meetings. Multiple payments options are available for your convenience.


What happens during our sessions?

Coaching is a process of making changes where I will support you in staying focused on your goals. There doesn’t need to be intense effort to create noticeable results. Come with something you would like coaching on to each session, I will follow your lead as we explore your obstacles and create new strategies.


Do I have to struggle with my emotions to work with you?

Absolutely not! I am certified and trained as an ADHD Life Coach and a Life Coach which means I can work with anyone wherever they are in life.  I love to work with people however and wherever they are in their journey and I especially love working with individuals who struggle with emotional dysregulation but my scope of work is most definitely not limited to those individuals.


How long does coaching take?

The duration of coaching depends upon individual needs. Most of my clients work with me from 3-6 months. That time frame will allow us to establish a solid foundation, thoroughly identify your challenges and strengths, design and practice new strategies and habits, experience progress and create lasting change. My goal is to empower you. 


Do I have to have ADHD to coach with you?

The short answer is NO.  Many people seek out life coaching for many reasons and ADHD is only one.  I am certified as an ADHD Life Coach AND a Life Coach. I also am an Acceptance and Commitment Coach which means that I can work with you wherever you are in life, ADHD diagnosis or not. 


What if I want to email you between calls?

I encourage you to check in with me between appointments. It is my privilege to provide this extra level of service. I do ask that you keep email messages to one paragraph. If my response will take longer than a paragraph to answer I will ask that you bring your thought to the next coaching session. I will return your emails as soon as possible.

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