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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

How we can work together

Image by Tyler Nix

1:1 Strategy & Planning Session

Step into a tailored Strategy and Planning Session where we dive deep into your unique ADHD story and your emotional landscape. Together, we'll explore your goals, unravel the obstacles, and create a roadmap forward. This is more than a session; it's a compassionate partnership where we dive deep into your own unique story and craft a path forward to conquering your challenges and guiding you towards a life filled with authenticity and joy.

Ready to Party

6-Week Emotional Chaos to Clarity Coaching Package

Begin a 6-week exploration tailored to navigating the beautiful complexities of ADHD and emotional dysregulation. Guided by compassion and kindness, this transformative package is designed to unravel the threads of emotional chaos, leading you toward profound clarity. Together, we'll conquer obstacles, celebrate your wins and craft practical strategies for a life anchored in authenticity and joy.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

3-Month Emotional Resilience Signature Coaching Package

Join me on a transformative 3-month journey to develop and nurture your emotional resilience amidst the challenges that ADHD brings to you life. Grounded in compassion, safety and joy, this signature package is carefully crafted to empower you in navigating intense emotions and fostering a deep sense of inner strength. We will partner together, break down barriers, and equip you with practical tools to embrace your own unique ADHD story and emotional landscape.

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